The Small Cap Value Portfolio


The Small Cap Value Portfolio is designed for investors who want to grow capital over the long-term. Investors are comfortable with higher than average volatility and a long term outlook. Our investment approach focuses on under-the-radar deep value Canadian and US companies. We seek out unique opportunities with substantial asset values that are under-appreciated or misunderstood by most investors. We invest only in our best ideas. Read more about our investment philosophy here.

Before investing, we offer all clients a comprehensive financial planning and tax review.


Portfolio Performance as of September 2019

Compounded Annual Return (%)
1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 5 Year Since Inception
Small Cap Value Portfolio -43.0 -31.9 -21.4 NA -8.3
S&P/TSX Small Venture Index -21.2 -15.4 -11.3 NA -4.5
Returns are annualized for periods of more than twelve months

We periodically accept new capital into the portfolios.
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